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AP Comparative Government and Politics

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10 - 13


University of Nebraska High School

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This course teaches students the tools and methods that political scientists use to analyze governments in different countries. Students apply these techniques while exploring the political systems of Britain, Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, Nigeria, and the United States. While learning about the structures and functions of government in each of these countries, students also evaluate how the trends of globalization, democratization, and marketization are influencing countries around the world. The course will prepare students for the College Board AP® Comparative Government and Politics examination and is intended for students who have an in-depth interest in world affairs.

Struktura kurzu

AP Comparative Government and Politics Course Content

■ Unit 1: Political Systems, Regimes, and Governments

■ Unit 2: Political Institutions

■ Unit 3: Political Culture and Participation

■ Unit 4: Party and Electoral Systems and Citizen Organizations

■ Unit 5: Political and Economic Changes and Development

Big Ideas

■ Big Idea 1: Power and Authority

■ Big Idea 2: Legitimacy and Stability

■ Big Idea 3: Democratization

■ Big Idea 4: Internal/External Forces

■ Big Idea 5: Methods of Political Analysis

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