datum: 26.05.2024

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Literature. Literacy. Critical Thinking for High School Students.

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10 - 13



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In this course, you will be challenged to analyse and critically assess selected works of art related to various though-provoking interdisciplinary topics. The first unit entitled the Human/Machine explores the world of science fiction, aiming to explore the millennia-old relationship between the human and (their) machines. Addressing a variety of topics, we will take traditional as well as more provocative approaches to science fiction and explore how technology shapes our everyday existence; perhaps we will even philosophise about what it means to be human at the beginning of the 21st century. This course is for everyone – not only sci-fi enthusiasts – who is not afraid to improve their analytical and critical thinking skills and learn to tackle challenging and non-trivial thoughts and texts in English.


Course Objectives

- read as a leisure activity,

- read for information/argument,

- mediate different types of text,

- express a personal response to creative and informative texts (less intellectual, lower levels),

- analyse and give criticism of creative and informative texts (more intellectual, higher levels)

- present and support their argument both orally and in writing.



Struktura kurzu

The aim of the course is to develop students’ literacy, analytical and critical thinking skills by a systematic discussion, reading and critical analysis of stimulating, cognitively challenging, yet engaging topics presented through selected creative and theoretical texts in English language. The course consists of five interdisciplinary units which explore different facets of human existence and give different perspectives on what it means to be human (not only) at the beginning of the 21st century:

1) The Human/Machine

2) (Female) Heroes = Heroines

3) Stories in Context: Literature and the “Humanities”

4) No Fear (Modern/Contemporary) Drama

5) Apocalypse …Now!

The primary reading list is organised around the given thematic areas and includes texts (and other works of art) of all genres, forms, historical periods, and/or media; for both methodological and practical reasons, the typical length of individual texts typically does not exceed 30,000 words; secondary reading consists of unabridged sections – typically up to 500 words – taken from relevant essays and/or studies on the discussed topic.    

Consequently, the primary and secondary texts are neither abridged nor simplified; instead, the course aims to encourage – or even provoke – students to engage with authentic, original, often demanding texts. This is possible through careful language and content scaffolding, attractive lead-ins, comprehension questions and stimulating content, which – together teachers’ encouragement and enthusiasm – supports student autonomy and empowers them to (at least partially) take over the responsibility for the learning process.


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