datum: 13.08.2022

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Název kurzu:

Introduction to Programming in Scratch

Délka kurzu:

2 semesters

Rok školní docházky / Grade:

6 - 8 (Junior Program), 8 - 10



Detailní popis

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of programming such as: loops, branching, variables, and functions which are the basic building blocks of all the apps that you use. We will use a program called “Scratch” which was developed exactly for our purposes. This program is a block-based (visual) object oriented language which enables its users to explore and create exciting programs in a straightforward and entertaining way. Among others, you will develop musical postcards, cute animations and stories, interactive art, or thrilling games controlled by your voice or movement. At the end of this course, you will understand how computer scientists think and how to transform even the wildest ideas into real Scratch programs!

This course is ideal for curious and playful students with no prior programming experience. The course also builds the necessary solid basis for further work with major languages used in the software industry such as Java or Python.

If you already have some experience in programming, contact us tell us what you know and what you expect. We will help you find the right course for you.


I would recommend this course to students who have no background in programming what so ever and would like to learn more about it. The course presents Scratch, a programming language, starting from the fundamentals. The assignments provide students with many opportunities to practice what they have just learned, which is very important in programming. 


Kurz Introduction to Programming in Scratch bych doporučil všem studentům, kteří nemají žádné zkušenosti s programováním a chtěli by do tohoto krásného oboru proniknout. Kurz prezentuje programování ve Scratchi od úplného začátku. Nejedná se však pouze o teoretický výklad, ale studenti mají mnoho příležitostí něco sami naprogramovat.

Richard Veselý, CTM Online Instructor

Recommended course sequence:
Introduction to Programming in Scratch - Digital Information Technology - Foundations of Programming – Procedural Programming – AP Computer Science A – AP Computer Science Principles

During the course, you will develop the following skills:


Struktura kurzu

You will learn how to use the following programming concepts in Scratch:

Sylabus kurzu


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cena kurzu: 12 220,- Kč / 513,- EUR