datum: 26.05.2024

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Advanced Creative Writing - Online Literary Lab

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1 semester

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9 - 13



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Dear creative writing & literature enthusiasts, welcome Creative Writing/Online Literary Lab! During this course you will accomplish a series of creative tasks, each focusing on a slightly different aspect of the creative process. These tasks are designed to make you familiar with skills and strategies necessary for producing, assessing and, most importantly, reflecting on creative texts. Mastering these skills will help you to become a more proficient, imaginative and technically accomplished not just in English but in any language.

The whole course takes two 10-week-long terms to finish and consists of the following loosely connected sections: Creative Writing/Online Literary Lab (winter term) and Advanced Creative Writing/Online Literary Lab (summer term). Each of the terms consists of four original, tailor made creative tasks and one revision activity. You will work under the guidance of skilled supervisors who are ready to discuss all aspects of your writing process, help you with understanding your tasks, and provide you with regular feedback on your work and progress.

Aimed at all self-motivated creative individuals who already feel comfortable with their English, Creative Writing/Online Literary Lab offers a unique opportunity to enhance the ability to formulate complex ideas, think critically and express oneself in writing. The course consists of an attractive combination of creative writing tasks and inspiring thought experiments, providing the fullest experience to both consumers & producers of literary texts. The primary emphasis is on original content, style, and clarity of expression rather than on grammar as such. By the end of this course, students will learn how to fully exploit their creative and intellectual potential, understand the fundamentals of the writing process, and master language skills and strategies which will help them to produce original and fully representative literary texts.

 PREREQUISITES: Creative Writing

Struktura kurzu


Advanced Creative Writing/Online Literary Lab (summer term) is a 10-week-long online course which consists of the following advanced creative tasks:

TASK 1: Dialogues!

Students become familiar literary strategies and concepts of creating effective and efficient dialogues. Utilising the discussed “dos and don’ts” of dialogue writing, students choose one of the given topics and write a piece of creative writing that builds up around a sparkling and naturally flowing dialogue.

TASK 2: Creative Technologies 1: Narrating (with) Time

Students become familiar literary strategies that help them to manipulate, juggle and play with the representation of time in their stories. Using these strategies, students choose one of the given topics and write a piece of creative writing that builds up around the problem of time in fiction writing.

TASK 3: Creative Technologies 2: Symbols and Motifs

Examining the use of symbols and/or recurring motives in literature and poetry, students will become acquainted with the way these elements might be used to enhance the poetic quality of their texts. Utilising discussed strategies and concepts, students will be asked to write their short story based on a piece of poetry, accommodating the symbols and/or motives of the poem in their text.

TASK 4: Creative Technologies 3: Shaping your Style!

Coming closer to discovering and shaping their own style, students will examine different literary styles (including choice of words, choice of sentences and choice of paragraphs). Consciously reflecting on their style (by examining and scrutinising the texts submitted for tasks 1 - 3), the students will be asked to rewrite a section of a book or a short story of their choice, appropriating it to their newly defined literary style.

TASK 5: Revision

For their final task, students are asked to choose and resubmit one of the texts submitted for previous tasks 1 - 4. They are expected to consider and eventually incorporate changes and/or correct mistakes or any other problems pointed out by instructor in his review and write a brief analysis of the changes made. 


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